Looking at your own labs will get you hands-on experience ordering and reading labwork and improve your health!


How to add Functional Medicine to your Practice

A lab orientated program focusing on cardio-metabolic and nutrigenomics, advanced lab markers and nutrition. The methods Vital Health Protocols recommend healthy lifestyle modifications that include nutritional supplementation and a whole food recommendations.

My Promise to You

Know how frustrating it is when you have to see more and more patient to make the same amount of money you used to make in the past? Patients aren't getting the results like they used to and come in with more complicated cases and chronic disease. Well, I've been there too. Once you start the course,  you too will have a clear blueprint to follow with a predictable system for helping more patients making 10X profits and give you more work-life balance.

Leading Edge Ideas

Diversifying your practice in today's day and age while being 100% compliant will give you the edge you need to grown and expand your practice into additional revenue streams without increasing your overhead. Telehealth has never been so important that Functional Medicine is an excellent fit for this new model of practice all taught by practicing docs.

Doc, who is taking care of you?

A blueprint to improve your  OWN HEALTH, the lives of your PATIENTS, and PROFITABILITY for your practice!

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Learn the 5 simple things you can do to lower your health risk while making your practice more profitable.

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The Secrets of adding Functional Medicine to your existing practice

YES! I'm ready to learn how to add improve my health and learn more about functional labs Please send my Free Lab Interpretation Cheat Sheet now... 

Multiple Comprehensive Clinical and Implementation Course

Doctor, Staff and Patient learning and more!

 Functional Medicine 101  or Advanced Functional Labs 101 offer an easy-to-implement system for both basic and advanced courses. Learn "do-level" ways to implement the program in addition to the clinically applicable science without the chemistry class.

Private Community & Monthly Webinars with community support and a platform to ask questions on difficult cases, continued training with guest speakers and Q & A's. The ability to implement with confidence makes the difference in your success


Discover Dr. Julie's protocols through the comprehensive Doctor's reference portal and her functional medicine marketing in the Better Practice Blueprint Marketing Portal complete with 20+ evergreen talks and collateral material

A Staff and Patient training Nutrigenomics 101 and Project Selfy.

No one enjoys making meal plans, so this is an easy way to teach your patient lifestyle changes without the heavy lifting. An "evergreen" 12-week patient lifestyle course that can be used in the office or online

Want to grow your professional reputation and become the obvious choice for this service? 

 Learn the tools to tackle tough cases such as when a patient doesn’t improve will now be at your fingertips - because you will have a deeper insight into the function of their problem. 

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Dr. Julie McLaughlin practices functional and lifestyle medicine in addition to chiropractic and acupuncture. She has mastered the art of educating people as a means of creating healthier, more vibrant and happier individuals. Dr. McLaughlin speaks, blogs, and makes media of all kinds on different health-related topics motivating people to make a better-informed choice about their health. In addition to her courses online, she created the Vital Health Protocols and Project Selfy Program to educate practitioners how to transform health with Personalized Functional Medicine/Nutrition through a hands-on training.

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