Better Practice Blueprint       4 Functional Wellness Programs in 1  

Functional  Labs 101

Doctor Level Course 

Functional Labs 101 -If you are looking for a quick-start course with a turn-key process and easy to follow steps to implement Functional Wellness to your existing practice this is the course for you. You will learn why this tool can help jumpstart a new practice or give new life to an existing practice or as an exit strategy to allow for a more mobile lifestyle with telemedicine.   

You will learn a reproducible, multidimensional approach to acute and chronic pain/illness management through Advanced Lab markers and functional nutrition. You will not only learn the protocols for each lab marker but the process to seamlessly integrate it with your current skill set. Functional Wellness is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory and it empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the desired level of health by addressing the underlying cause of disease.

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Nutrigenomics 101

Doctor and/or Staff Level Class

Nutrigenomics 101 - Eating for your Genes. You will learn what the body needs to feel its best based on your unique genetic code. Learn about APOE and the plan, structure, and support you need to have food freedom.

Our differences are what define us, so let’s celebrate those differences in all aspects of our life -from our vitamin intake to how much protein we eat. Learn to coach patients in a 12-week plan through sustainable changes that can elicit long-term lifestyle improvements.  This course is appropriate for practitioners and health coaches.

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Doctor's Resource Portal

Doctor Level Content

  • Access to all lab markers full description for quick reference with 139+ modules
  • Access patient handouts, clinical references and systems protocols
  • Access to Protocols – Nutrient, Dose, product names for Xymogen and Metagenics
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Project Selfy - 12 Week    Patient Lifestyle Program

Patient Directed Program

Take a look at yourself from the inside! Predict your risk. Personalize your plan, and change your health in 12 weeks with easy lifestyle changes that are based on your genes! 15+ ebooks, downloads, checklists and 200+ recipes to teach you the skill that will last for a lifetime of good health.

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Private Facebook Group, Monthly Webinars        with Q&A

Community is everything! We learn from each other's experience and have a common knowledge base to help with difficult cases, new lab tests or supplements, questions on protocols and more!  New content and case studies in Monthly live and recorded webinars with Q & A.  

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We have a great online community. Join other active health practitioners to collaborate and learn. 

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We do this all through our online training so you get to work at your own pace while having direct access to help anytime you need it.

Build you Practice

Use Functional Medicine principles to bring new and steady patients.



You will learn how to create a community around your new wellness education.

Proven Blueprint

Improve your health, your practice and your patients lives without the guesswork.


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