Vital Health Protocol's Functional Medicine 101 Training

Doc, who is taking care of you?

Creating a Functional Life with Functional Wellness

You will learn the Vital Health Protocol's reproducible, multidimensional approach to acute and chronic pain/illness management through root cause, lifestyle medicine,  lab markers and functional nutrition. Functional Wellness is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory and it empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the desired level of health by addressing the underlying cause of disease.


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VHP Blueprint for Success

We teach Health Practitioners how to take care of their health and add Functional Wellness and Labs to their practice. Not only will you ensure your ability to practice with good health far into the future but you will also learn a new way to increase revenue in the first month of using this approach; without increasing overhead or wasting time with complicated treatment plans.


VHP Online Learning

Every step of the way you will be working with our team to create the most immersive learning experience possible online with support.

You Learned in the Master Class ...

Now it is time to take action and make sure YOUR health, the health of your family and patients have no hidden issues lurking.

Why your current health predicts your future income (whether you know it or not)

Why 73% of Chiropractors stop practicing due to health concerns

Five Simple things you can do to lower your health risk and your family’s health risk

Take it to the Next Level ...

Top 10 Vital Health Protocol's strategies for why learning functional labs can help you improve your health and your practice!

  • Strategy #1: Helps You Quickly Implement Functional Wellness Into Your Practice 
  • Strategy #2: You improve YOUR health guaranteeing a long career in practice.
  • Strategy #3: Gives You The Confidence To Make Effective Recommendations
  • Strategy #4: Avoid The Big Mistake Of Trying To Re-invent The Wheel
  • Strategy #5: The Real SECRET For Protocols To Change  Lab Markers Quickly
  • Strategy #6: How To Help Your Patients Predict, Prevent And Even Reverse Chronic Disease
  • Strategy #7: Quickly Get New Patients In The Door
  • Strategy #8: Real clinical implementation not another chemistry class!
  • Strategy #9: Gets You More Cash-based Revenue
  • Strategy #10: Improved patient outcomes based on objective measures
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The VHP Instructor

We take pride in finding the best teachers that our industry has to offer. If you want to learn from the best this is the place to be.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Vital Health Protocols Instructor

Dr. Julie McLaughlin has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their optimal health potential thru Functional Wellness, Advanced Lab Markers and Nutrition.

She will guide you through the process step by step starting with the knowledge of the labs, specific protocols and most importantly the process of easily implementing all of it into your existing practice. 

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